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Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter HD achievements

Some achievements from Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD.

Achievements, also known as awards, are tasks that can be completed in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter and Carnivores: Ice Age. There are 25 achievements in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter and 18 achievements in Carnivores: Ice Age.


Name Description
Advanced DH: You've earned 750 points.

IA: You've earned 500 points.

Alive (DH Only) You have withstood 10 waves in Survive mode.
Amateur You've earned 200 points.
Animal Activist Tranquilized better than dead.
Archaeologist (DH Only) You have discovered an archaeology outpost on Delphaeus Hills.
Collector DH: You've collected all dinosaur types.

IA: You've collected all animal types.

Expert You've earned 1000 points.
Explorer You have explored all areas.
First Blood First animal shot.
Guru (DH Only) You have a trophy room full of T-Rexes.
Hunter First carnivore killed.
Last Second Save You gave it your best shot.
Madman (DH Only) You have shot a T-Rex without any helpers.
Marathoner DH: Marathon completed.

IA: Ice Age marathon completed.

Ornithologist An awesome bird shot.
Poacher Trophy room completely filled.
Scientist You have read the help.
Sharpshooter Two animals in 20 seconds, faster than lightning.
Sniper 100% accuracy. Bulls-eye
Survived (DH Only) Withstand 20 waves in Survive mode.
Swimmer You have swam 100 meters.
T-Rex Hunter (DH Only) You have shot a T-Rex at least once.
To The Bitter End Lucky bullet.
Total Annihilation You've wiped entire map out.
William Tell (DH Only) You have shot a T-Rex with a Crossbow (X-Bow).