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Andrewsarchus reskin


Andrewsarchus is a pointable animal for Carnivores: Ice Age. Andrewsarchus is thought to be the largest carnivorous mammal to ever exist. This is pure speculation, however, as the animal is only known by a large, fossilized top jaw.


Andrewsarchus is a very intimidating predatory animal. It has an enormous skull with massive jaws and teeth, its mere presence is very frightening. Like the other predatory mammals of FMM UV-32, Andrewsarchus is covered in short hair, with a very wild mane running down the back of it's neck. Andrewsarchus is primarily burnt yellow in color with a white snout, as well as black spots and stripes all over it's body. Unlike the other carnivorous mammals of the planet, the Andrewsarchus has a long, thick tail. The Andrewsarchus call is a loud howl, but much lower in pitch than the wolf's. Like the wolf and Hyaenodon, the Andrewsarchus will most likely be heard before it is seen, so hunters hoping to take one down must rely on hearing as much (if not more) than their other senses.

Carnivores: Ice Age (mobile)[]

Andrewsarchus was released alongside Doedicurus on December 20, 2013. Its release came as a surprise, as there was no announcement about its release.

The Andrewsarchus is the thirteenth selectable animal in the game. Once the hunter gathers 450 credits, the creature can be selected. In game, Andrewsarchus is a powerful and dangerous carnivore. Despite its theoretical size in real life, the Andrewsarchus of FMM UV-32 is quite small compared to the other carnivorous mammals with which it shares its hunting grounds. This does not hinder it from being an extremely vicious predator. Unlike many other carnivores of the planet, Andrewsarchus is very aggressive. It will charge the hunter from almost any distance, with its powerful limbs allowing it to cover great distances in very little time.

Like the wolf and Hyaenodon, two very similar predators, Andrewsarchus is a very vocal carnivore. The beast will occasionally stop to howl to others of its kind, either to alert them to assist in a hunt or to stay out of its territory. It will even snarl and bite at nothing, perhaps as a means to intimidate any potential threats. Andrewsarchus will also stop to yawn, revealing its very imposing jaws and teeth. Also like the Hyaenodon, Andrewsarchus will pin the hunter to the ground to eat, instead of thrashing him about.


  • Prior to update 1.8.0, Andrewsarchus had a similar skin from Walking With Beasts, like Hyaenodon. Both carnivores received a more canon-accurate reskin in update 1.8.0.
  • The Al of this animal is quite unique: When it can't get to you, it flees, but comes back later and attacks once again.
  • The skin of the redesigned Andrewsarchus is based off of Zdeněk Burian's own artistic reconstruction of the creature, similar to a lot of other Carnivores animals.