Offcial Action Forms Carnivores Ice Age render

Status Ambient insectivore
Dangerous? No
Carnivores Ice Age
Weight 0.03–0.10 T (0.04–0.11 t)
Health 1

Archaeopteryx (misspelled as Archeopterics in Carnivores Ice Age) is a gliding bird from the Jurassic Period featured in Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores: Ice Age. It is widely believed that it was the first true bird (hence its meaning "Ancient Wing"), although scientists currently cast doubts on where exactly this animal is located taxonomically on the Avian phylogenetic tree.

Carnivores Ice Age

In Carnivores Ice Age, the Archaeopteryx is an ambient animal that does nothing but fly around the landscape and screech. The Earth Archaeopteryx lived in coastal locales. It was also probably not an active flier, instead gliding between trees and the ground with occasional flaps to help gain and maintain altitude. By comparison, the Archaeopteryx found on FMM UV-32 seems to live almost exclusively in sub-polar and polar environments and spends extended periods of time in the air.


Archaeopteryx is depicted as living in the Ice Age when in real life it died out long in the Jurassic Period.

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