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Basmachee Rocks

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Basmachee Rocks map

Red dots indicate drop points. Click "expand" for a list of coordinates.

  • 83, 186
  • 156, 322
  • 194, 107
  • 319, 393
  • 339, 300
  • 361, 352
  • 372, 66
  • 388, 229

This map is a good challenge for beginning hunters. The exact origin of this island remains a mystery. Its unique topography of deserts, mountains, and lakes makes for a challenging area to hunt in. High hills can be a great place to perch in wait, or hide a dinosaur from sight.
Rank Novice
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"Basmachee Rocks" is the second area in Carnivores as well as the third and final area in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn, and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt. This map is a great challenge for beginning hunters. The exact geographic origin of this island remains a mystery. Its unique topography of deserts, mountains, and lakes makes for a challenging area to hunt in. High hills can be a great place to perch in wait, or hide a dinosaur from sight. It has many interesting landmarks, many of which are often fatal traps or a good place to perch and shoot from.


"Basmachee Rocks" is filled with many landmarks that unwary players may fall victim to carnivores in. Its titular geography is common in the island in the shape of clay plateaus, mountains surrounded by moats, hills, craters, and a mountain range.

Northeast Quadrant[]

  • Plateau Beach- In the north-east of the island is an extending peninsula consisting of dried mud with a collection plateaus in the area and two in the water. A good tactic is to climb on top of one of these plateaus and shoot the hunted dinosaurs from a relatively safe height. However, some of the carnivorous dinosaurs can scale these. The player however, may not have such luck in climbing most of these. The partially submerged plateaus suggest the beach is being worn away and consumed by the sea.
  • Crater Trio- Perhaps evidence of prior volcanic activity, three crater-like pits are aligned in a rough curve in the middle of a jungle of rolling hills. These craters are often traps, holding a dinosaur in waiting. These Craters usually only have one quick way of exiting, making them very difficult to hunt carnivores around. A viable tactic involves luring a herbivore into one of these pits and shooting at your one's convenience.

Southeast Quadrant[]

  • Land Bridge - A small bridge of land separating 2 lakes is probably the most notable aspect of this part of the island. Interestingly, there is unused 3DF object placement information here which matches with the bridge object seen in some prototype screenshots. It's presumed that these lakes were originally a river that connected to the ocean and expanded to the northwest where other similar unused 3DF object information is found as well.

Northwest Quadrant[]

  • Spiral Hill- Perhaps the most ubiquitous landmark of the Island, the Hill is a large tiered spiral of blue-gray stone that can be climbed to the top, providing a good vantage point for scouting and hunting. Beware, smaller predators will occasionally climb the hill to attack the Hunter from behind. Of course Tyrannosaurs, are the biggest threat to a hunter utilizing the hill. They will often merely scale the mountain in a single stride. It is possible to get Carnivores stuck on a slope below if done right. When this happens, they run in place.
  • Lakes- Directly west of the moated mountains are a trio of small lakes.

Southwest Quadrant[]

Drop-off locations[]

When beginning a new hunt, the dropship will drop the player off at one the following locations:

  • The Big Mountain
  • The Bridge
  • The Plateaued Beach
  • The Clay Inlet
  • The South Beach
  • The Mountainous Area Bridge

These locations are some of the points of interest in the island. DinoHunt Corp. would have most likely have chosen these locations in order to provide an interesting and unique hunt as provided by the landmarks.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD/Reborn/Dinosaur Hunt[]

Basmachee Rocks

Basmachee Rocks in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD.

Reborn Basmachee Rocks map

The topography of Basmachee Rocks in Carnivores Reborn.

"Basmachee Rocks" returns in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn, and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt as the third and final area available to hunt. Like "Delphaeus Hills", there is almost no resemblance to the PC version of the island. This version of "Basmachee Rocks" is strictly desert, with many large rock formations jutting up from the arid ground. It is by far the most open area to hunt, and is perhaps the best area to hunt with the sniper rifle. Like the other areas, this island can be hunted at day, dusk, or during fog, with different dinosaurs available for each time.

Fog (3000 points)

Day (12000)

Dusk (30000)

  • Stegosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurus


Several images are known that appear to show a prototype version of "Basmachee Rocks", the most notable of which shows a floating bridge system that was removed from the final map (though some remnants were left in the map files).

Appearances in mods[]

"Basmachee Rocks" makes an appearance in both Carnivores Reloaded & its spiritual successor Carnivores+. Like the other areas that were featured in the first Carnivores game, it has been extended in both mods.

Carnivores Reloaded[]

In Carnivores Reloaded, "Basmachee Rocks" is the second map players can unlock. There are many structures peppered throughout the extended areas. One area houses a tiny Tyrannosaurus temple, while another area contains pyramids, a Velociraptor temple similar to the one in "The Ancient Temple" & a toxic gas pit full of decaying dinosaur corpses. There is also a mountain range that contains two small isolated huts.

The most prominent feature of Reloaded's "Basmachee Rocks" is a large square T-rex temple that can be seen from the overhead map. This temple has several brown T-rex statues looking out over the water, while the top of the temple contains 5 T-rex statues: Four brown ones at each corner & a purple-coloured one in the center. Red stains are present on the center statue, which may or may not be blood. There is also wooden ladders & scaffolding on the walls of the temple, presumably placed by DinoHunt Corp. to make exploration of the temple easier.

Another interesting feature of "Basmachee Rocks" is the inclusion of the three-pronged bridge seen in some prototype screenshots, which connects some of the islands.


In Carnivores+, "Basmachee Rocks" is once again the second map to unlock & is very different from Reloaded's version. This version of "Basmachee Rocks" goes for more natural landmarks as opposed to Reloaded's emphasis on human/Ancient structures. Each island in the extended areas is as varied as the original island, with lots of variation in the terrain.

The largest island, located near the center of the map, contains a large desert. In this desert, there is what appears to be either the molt or corpse of a Jaekelopterus, a reference to Mandibles. Within this island also sits a small T-rex temple, depicting a brown T-rex with green eyes. Hunters who have come across it have referred to it as "P. Rex".

Of course, Carnivores+'s "Basmachee Rocks" also contains the famous three-pronged bridge, this time being found on the northernmost point of the largest island. Several other plank & log bridges can be found as well, connecting the largest island to the others.

In the upper-northeastern reaches of the map, there is a pyramid seemingly made out of water. This is actually an homage to a terrain glitch that created a similar water pyramid in the original Carnivores.

Perhaps the strangest landmark on Carnivores+'s "Basmachee Rocks" has to be what some refer to as "Trash Island", which sits in the lower-southwestern reaches of the map. No dinosaurs spawn here & hunters are never dropped off here, forcing them to swim through Mosasaurus-infested waters. Once they reach this island, they encounter a bizarre sight: More than half of the island is covered in bags of trash, with some barbed wire, wooden Czech hedgehogs & barrels spread around. Next to a dilapidated solar panel, one can find a small shed made of scrap metal. Inside, there is a man sleeping soundly on a bed, along with a computer. Behind the shed & panel, there is a large purple T-rex statue. It can be assumed that DinoHunt Corp. uses this isolated island as a waste dump & the man was put there to supervise it.

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