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Status Pointable carnivore
Dangerous? Yes
Carnivores Ice Age
Carnivores Ice Age Bear
Carnivores Ice Age Bear call
Length Up to 7.35 meters
Weight Up to 6.65 tons
Health 15
Points 25
Cost 500
Spawns when not hunted? no

The bear is a large carnivorous animal in Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores: Ice Age.


The bears found in FMM UV-32 resemble the bears found on Earth. Despite being labeled as extremely dangerous, the bear is a very shy predator, and it tends flee away from the hunter unless it gets cornered, forcing it to attack, making it a pain to hunt for clients. This make it one of the lesser aggressive creatures on the planet. It is highly advised to check your wind indicator and get your weapons ready when in proximity of this predator. The Yeti is known to mimic the bears' behavior and call. The reason for this is not known at this time.

Carnivores Ice Age

Being the 2nd to Last Carnivore at 500 point, the Bear is labeled extremely dangerous because of it stats. However, it is known to flee from the hunter. The bear is also featured on the Dinosaur Call in Carnivores: Ice Age. The bear kills the player the same way the Smilodon does by biting the player's right arm and smashing him on the ground.

With Yeti

Making Dangerous Speed Health With Slighty Slowest Speed

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