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Blue Shark

Blue Shark model from Shark! Hunting the Great White

Blue Sharks (Prionace glauca) are a species of shark that can be hunted in Shark! Hunting The Great White.

From the Sharkopedia: Found all around the globe, but prefer colder waters. Blue Sharks are capable of very fast acceleration. Feeds on smaller fish, but at times attacks on humans and even boats, often circling them for a long time before attacking. Usually grows up to 9 feet in length, but exceptional individuals of twice the size were reported.

The Blue Shark have a Danger rating of 2/3, and can be found on the Career missions Australia Reef and Florida Platform. They can also appear randomly on Tahiti Island, Hawaii Wreck, Rock Gate, Africa Reef, Monterey Reef, and Palau Reef. Due to the number of maps it can appear in, it is the most common shark in the game.


  • Despite their ingame depiction, since the year 1580 there have only been 4 recorded Blue Shark fatalities on humans.
  • The Blue Shark model differs from that of a real Blue Shark, lacking the elongated snout.