Official Action Forms Carnivores Ice Age render

Status Pointable herbivore
Dangerous? When startled
Carnivores Ice Age
Carnivores Ice Age Brontotherium
Carnivores Ice Age Brontotherium call
Length Up to 9.8 meters
Weight Up to 8 tons
Health 7
Points 5
Cost 10
Spawns when not hunted? yes

Brontotherium (also Known as the big bum mammal (especially in Carnivores Ice Age) and considered a junior synonym of Megacerops in modern paleontology) was a large, rhinoceros-like herbivore with a massive double-horn featured in Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores: Ice Age. it was the only known animal species that was very similar to the modern-day Rhinoceros (as a Rhino can’t have hybrid offspring with a Hippo), and it is currently being theorized about weather the Brontotherium could or could not mate with a Rhino and make hybrid offspring.

Carnivores Ice Age

In Carnivores Ice Age, the Brontotherium is the first and cheapest animal available to hunt, and is the second largest herbivore in the game. In the game, the animal is covered in fur, although there is no solid evidence for this from the fossil record. Although it is classified as not dangerous in-game, it can still kill the player if disturbed or wounded at a close range. This also occurs with the Giant deer. It is possible to be confused with the Wooly rhinoceros or the Mammoth from a distance, but this is unlikely due to differences in size and shape. Brontotherium kills the player by smashing him with its strong front legs. Its dinosaur call is that it makes a loud and high pitched voice that sounds like a sea lion.

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