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California Beach is the first mission in Shark! Hunting the Great White's Career Mode, where you are tasked to hunt a pair of Lemon Sharks that pose a threat to the beachgoers.

"Two lemon sharks have managed to get past anti shark nets and endanger the swimmer on the beach. Kill the two sharks."

Californian Beach

Californian Beach from Shark! Hunting the Great White

Animal Life[]

Landmarks & Encounters[]

  • Southeast of the starting point, at the edge of the peninsula with the Amity Island billboard is, the submerged wreck of a car can be found.
  • To the East in deeper water, several mismatched anti-shark nets can be found, which presumably failed to contain the sharks.
  • Every few minutes, a plane carrying an advertising slogan flies westward and eastward overhead.
  • On the northern beach, several beach umbrellas and towels have seemingly been left abandoned.

Rewards and Secrets[]

  • Upon completing the Mission, the player is rewarded with a Bangstick.

"Congratulations, you have successfully protected the beautiful beach from a pair of obnoxious sharks! The reward will let you buy a new weapon to accelerate your professional career."

  • If the player heads 120 degrees east upon entering the water, a small alcove can be found containing a golden necklace lost by a celebrity. The player is rewarded an Improved Wetsuit.

"You have found a golden necklace that a famous movie star lost on her boat trip! You have afforded yourself a nice new Improved Wetsuit."


  • Southeast of the starting point, above the water, a tourist billboard referencing the movie Jaws can be spotted.
    • Jaws really took place in New England, rather than California.