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The Primal Prey call box calling and displaying a Gastonia.

Cost: $2,500- Dual purpose tool creates both the call of the dinosaur and a holographic image. Alternate fire key changes dino species.

The Call Box is an accessory in Primal Prey, a small, satellite-looking device with two large speaker systems on its side with which it projects the call of the selected dinosaur. Above the box it displays a holographic image of the selected dinosaur to even greater increase the chance of successfully luring in a dinosaur.

Carnivore Calls[]

  • Utahraptors produce a bone-chilling scream.
  • Troodon calls are a bird-like chirping noise. This sound is quite repetitive and can become irritating after a while.
  • Quetzalcoatlus emit an eerie cry that almost sounds like a gust of wind.
  • Tyrannosaurus calls are a deep, terrifying roar.

Herbivore Calls[]

  • Gastonia calls are a throaty howl.
  • Styracosaurus calls are a pig-like grunting sound.
  • Iguanodon calls are a short, continuous grunt.
  • Triceratops produce a haunting, almost ghostly bellow.
  • Lambeosaurus calls are a hollow bellow sounding like a wind instrument, similar to the common thought of how duck-billed dinosaurs sound.

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