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Carnivores Fan Guild was a site made by Carnivores fan, glitchhunter09 back in 2008. It has since grown a decently sized fan base and is updated every so often. Even though glitchhunter09 doesn't update it as frequently anymore, he tries to update it when something important arises related to Carnivores.


The site started back in 2008 when glitchhunter09 realized there weren't many Carnivores Fan Sites that tried to go deeply into the game's details and provide as much information as possible. Starting with his knowledge of Carnivores, Carnivores Ice Age, and what little he knew about Carnivores 2 from the trial version, he tried to create articles dedicated to all three games and any additional info he could get.

Using article writing attitudes he mimicked from other fansites for other games he played, he developed his own writing attitude which sticks out from most other Carnivores sites to this day.

By 2010, the website was well known and well respected among many Carnivores fans. At this point the Carnivores 2 article was made more accurate since he owned the game at this point. In addition, glitchhunter09 was hosting downloads of his mods and scans of the Carnivores manuals.

Glitchhunter09 had no idea his site would become the information source it is today. When Dimitri Nechay (Zazzique) came to The Carnivores Saga forums, Glitchhunter09 conducted an interview with him. Without this interview, information on things such as the purpose of the Poacher model in Carnivores Ice Age would never have been solved.

In this current point in time, Carnivores Fan Guild is updated more often, but not regularly. Glitchhunter09 has also started creating a modding guide page for newbies to use with the help of people on the saga.

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