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Canivores Ice Age

Carnivores Ice Age cover art.

Carnivores Ice Age Russian jewel case front

Russian Carnivores Ice Age jewel case art.

Carnivores Ice Age is the third installment in the Carnivores series. It was released for the PC on January 15, 2001, and an iOS remake was released February 8, 2011. A Russian version titled Хищники: Ледниковый Период was published by Акелла on December 11, 2002.[1]


Carnivores Ice Age main menu

Main menu.

For the Ice Age sequel, the storyline is an addition to the original storyline. DinoHunt Corp. scientists discover Ice Age animals living in the Arctic regions of planet FMM UV-32 and they set up a separate hunting program for big game living there. It also features better gameplay and a new supply drop feature, which can be used once per hunt and refreshes the player's supplies. One more addition is the existence of a "secret animal" that can be unlocked by obtaining 1,000 points.



Name Description
Not dangerous.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: Pigs are common creatures during the tour. They are relatively easy to kill, and are known to be mistaken for wolves. Pigs also has a huge resemblances to the wild boar with the only differences being the lack of tusks and its hides.
Not dangerous.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: Archaeopteryx is a prehistoric reptile that looks like a weird-bird combo. It was one of the few birds that had claws on their wings. Archaeopteryx was roughly the size of a Dimorphodon with broad wings rounded at the ends. It could reach up to 500 millimeters (20 in) in body length, with an estimated weight of 0.8 to 1 kilogram. Archaeopteryx had smell teeth as well as along bony tail, features which it shares with other dinosaurs of the time.


Name Cost Stats Points Description
Carnivores Ice Age Brontotherium
5 Dangerous if disturbed.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: This large herbivore looks something like a huge rhinoceros, but with a Y-shaped horn, which makes it dangerous when cornered. It's the first animal available to hunt, and is the second largest herbivore in the tour. The creature is covered in fur while its earth counterpart was probably covered in a hard, rhinoceros-like skin. The Sioux believed these creatures produced thunderstorms when running over the clouds, and called them "Thunder Horses."
Wild Boar
Carnivores Ice Age Wild boar
6 Dangerous if wounded.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: This piglike creature has a pair of long tusks, which serves as weapons and tools. Eyesight is weak, but sense of smell and hearing are very good. It is a plant-eater, but can be very dangerous when wounded.
Carnivores Ice Age Wolf
7 Very Dangerous.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: This alien species of a wolf can be very dangerous. Often, when the hunter approaches a dire wolf, the wolf will jump around and bark playfully. But once the hunter shoots and misses, the wolf will pounce on the him/her and toss the hunter around like a domestic dog would do with a chew toy.
Woolly Rhinoceros
Carnivores Ice Age Woolly rhinoceros
10 Dangerous if disturbed.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: This alien rhinoceros is covered in coarse fur, which keeps it warm in the cold environment of the polar regions. The woolly rhinoceros used its horn to sweep snow away from vegetation, so it could eat in the winter, and is also thought to have used its horns for defensive purposes and to attracts mates.
Carnivores Ice Age Diatryma
9 Dangerous if disturbed.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: This giant alien bird is the velociraptor of the ice age, running toward the hunter and pouncing on him/her. It has a large beak that can break bones. These birds are predators and scavengers of the Polar Regions.
Giant Deer
Carnivores Ice Age Giant deer
12 Dangerous if wounded.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: Megaloceros (A.K.A Giant Deer) was a large member of the deer family. Its massive antler could span 12 feet across, and could've been used for scraping away snow, or self defense. it is normally peaceful, but at a close range, the giant deer will gore the hunter with its huge antlers and shake him/her like a rag doll. It's also one of the weakest animal in the tour.
Carnivores Ice Age Smilodon
15 Extremely Dangerous.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: Smilodon is a species of large, predatory cats that roam around the polar regions. It's also known as the "Saber-Toothed cat" or "Saber-Toothed Tiger." Even though it is well known for its huge fangs, it probably only used these to sever important arteries once its prey was subdued, and not in fierce combat. it is the most aggressive carnivore in the tour, rightly described as "Extremely Dangerous."
Woolly Mammoth
Carnivores Ice Age Mammoth
18 Dangerous if wounded.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: This hairy elephantlike animal eats plants, but its huge size and long tusks make it dangerous when wounded. When killed by this beast, the hunter will be tossed around by a mammoth and the occasionally slammed on the ground. The Woolly Mammoth is the largest herbivore in the tour, and it's the king of the polar regions
Carnivores Ice Age Bear
25 Extremely Dangerous.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: This giant alien of grizzly is much fiercer than its earth counterpart. Standing up to ten feet tall on its hind legs, this killer is to be avoided at all costs. The bear is one of the largest bear discovered in the polar regions.
Carnivores Ice Age Yeti
50 Extremely Dangerous.

From Carnivores: Ice Age: The legendary creature you will finally see with your own eyes. Don't gaze for too long though - try to hunt it down or run away! Two legs, two arms, and white woolly body - all of enormous sizes, that's Yeti as it is. Extremely dangerous, heavy, big, fast and loud. Eats everything it sees, hears, and smells.


Name Difficulty Cost Description
McRath Island
McRath Island icon
Mild 20 Icy cliffs line the northwest side of this small island. Rolling hills covered in sparse vegetation and deep snowdrifts make this a relatively safe and open area for newer hunters.
Ravaren's Bridge
Ravaren's Bridge icon
Mild 50 This series of islands covered with lakes and frigid swamps is connected by an elevated bridge system. Pine trees cover this otherwise barren area, making good cover for hunter and prey alike.
Ring of Infernus
Ring of Infernus icon
Intermediate 100 Naturally secluded by a ring of extinct volcanoes, this area is a unique blend of desolate tundra and beaches that contrast sharply with the snow-covered peaks.
Dry Nodus Lake
Dry Nodus Lake icon
Intermediate 150 Small mounds and swamp are all that remain of a disappearing lake on this snowy island. Cut by glaciers into treacherous canyons and rivers, an unwary hunter can easily become trapped in the narrow areas.
The Giant's Boot
The Giant's Boot icon
Advanced 200 This area is named for the boot print-shaped lake in the western part of the island. Thick forests and numerous rolling hills make perfect hiding spots for dangerous prey. It is the most dangerous island available to hunt.


Name Cost Stats Description
Carnivores Ice Age Pistol
Rate of fire
This weapon has fast shooting rate, but its accuracy declines depending on the range of shot. It is very good for close combat, but its lame for shooting a distant targets. The pistol will scare plant eaters, but the noise will alert dangerous carnivores.
Carnivores Ice Age Shotgun
Rate of fire
This is a very powerful weapon that uses buck-shot bullets as an ammunition. The grouping of shots decreases on farther distances. Shooting from this weapon requires less precise aiming due to its grouping of shots.
DB Shotgun
Carnivores Ice Age DB Shotgun
Rate of fire
This weapon is same as shotgun, but can make two shots almost simultaneously. However, it makes a lot of noise, so it will scare all plant eaters and some small carnivores, causing them to run away.
Carnivores Ice Age X-Bow
Rate of fire
This weapon has two target areas, called aiming pins. The top pin is sighted in for 40 meters, and the bottom pin is sighted for 80 meters. It is relatively silent, and can be shot several times without alerting dinosaurs.
Carnivores Ice Age Rifle
Rate of fire
The target area for this weapon is the center of the sighting circle. Although powerful, aim your shot well. The shotgun will scare plant eaters, causing them to scatter, but the noise will alert dangerous carnivores.
Sniper rifle
Carnivores Ice Age Sniper rifle
Rate of fire
This weapon is very accurate, and will shoot exactly where the crosshairs are placed. Its range goes as far as the binoculars, but is narrow. This is not a weapon for a charging meat eater, but fantastic for distance shots.


Standard equipment[]

Name Description
Binoculars There are no points deducted for the use of the binoculars in the hunt. Press the "B" key (default) to use the binoculars and then again, to put them away. With this item, you can see just outside of your normal viewable range, and centering the crosshairs on a dinosaur will show you the animal's size.
Map The map allows you to pinpoint your location on any island. There are no points deducted from your score for using it. Press the TAB key (default) to call the map into view, and press it again, to remove. The map is used with the radar, as stated above to point out locations of the dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Call This item is used to use the dinosaur's native calls, to attract the animals. There are no points deducted from your score for using the Dinosaur Call. Press the "ALT" key (default) to use the call. The call, when overused, can scare plant eaters, or attract meat eaters to your location, so be careful.
Wind Indicator and Compass These items are standard for a hunter, and do not deduct points from your score. The Wind Indicator shows wind direction with an arrow, with the length of the arrow denoting the force of the wind. The Compass shows the direction that you are facing on top. These items can be toggled into and out of use with the <CAPS LOCK> key (default).
Nightvision You are hunting at night using night-vision system. At night many of small herbivorous creatures are sleeping. However, carnivores are more agressive at night.

Additional equipment[]

Name Modifier Description
Carnivores tranquilizer
+25% Tranquilizing a dinosaur is an alternative to killing it. This will drop the dinosaur where it stands with a quick-acting drug. Use of the Tranquilizer adds 25% to your total points acquired during that hunt.
Observer Mode
Use the Observer Mode to familiarize yourself with dinosaur behavior and different terrain. Please note that no weapons and accesories are available in this mode except binoculars and area map.
Carnivores Ice Age Camouflage
-15% This special suit decreases the dinosaur's ability to detect you through sight. Use of the Camouflage deducts 15% from your total points acquired during that hunt.
Carnivores Ice Age Radar
-30% This allows you to view the dinosaur locations on the map during your hunt. A dinosaur is depicted on the map as a green dot. Your location is shown as the red dot with the circle surrounding it. Please note that the map shows only the dinosaurs you are hunting. All other dinosaurs are masked. Use of the map deducts 30% from your total points acquired during that hunt.
Cover scent
Carnivores Ice Age Cover scent
-20% This item allows you to mask your scent from all dinosaurs reducing the likelihood of you being spotted. Use of the Cover Scent deducts 20% from your total points acquired during that hunt.
Double Ammo
Carnivores Ice Age Double ammo
It doubles the amount of ammunition for every weapon during hunting session.
Supply Ship
Carnivores Ice Age Supply Ship
Selecting this will allow you to call in a resupply ship that will drop a bag full of ammunition for each weapon you have taken on your hunt. This can be used only one time per hunt and will drop the bag on the location you have requested it.


Carnivores 2 features a number of cheats, including all those provided in Carnivores. Cheats which are inherited from Carnivores require debug mode to be active.

Name Key Sequence Description
Debugup D+E+B+U+G+U+P Also called Debug Mode, debugup is the "master cheat" for Carnivores 2 and equivalent to debugon in Carnivores. When entered, it causes all dinosaurs to ignore the player (to a certain extent), as well as granting the player infinite ammo and invincibility to drowning or burning (note that the player can still be killed by dinosaurs). Like all cheats, it can be deactivated simply by re-entering it.
Fly Mode ⇧ Shift+L Allows the player to fly.
Slow Motion ⇧ Shift+S Slow motion.
No Models ⇧ Shift+M Toggles rendering of all object models, including trees, bushes, rocks, and buildings. Disabling models can significantly improve game performance on slower systems.
Gour Mapping ⇧ Shift+G Toggles gouraud shading, a type of lighting effect which is seen most prominently on the player's gun.
Phong Mapping ⇧ Shift+P Toggles phong shading, a type of lighing effect which is seen most prominently on the player's gun.
Env Mapping ⇧ Shift+E Toggles environment mapping.
Fog Mode ⇧ Shift+F Toggles rendering of fog.
Frame Rate ⇧ Shift+T Displays the frame rate.
Shadow Mode ⇧ Shift+C Toggles rendering of shadows.
Invincibility/Invisibility ⇧ Shift+I This cheat is listed on many cheat sites, but does not work. It likely originated from someone using debug mode and accidentally hitting the "I" key, causing some debug text to appear in the corner where cheat text normally appears.
Super run Ctrl Causes the player to run at superhuman speeds. When combined with the Jump button (default [Space Bar]), it allows the player to jump very high and far.

Carnivores: Ice Age (iOS)[]

Main article: Carnivores: Ice Age (iOS)

Carnivores Ice Age was ported to iOS on February 7, 2011. The port has the same relocate feature as the Carnivores 2 port Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, but the Survive Mode is not featured. Also, like Dinosaur Hunter, the Double Ammo equipment was removed, but is still in the game as non-optional as every gun has as much ammo as the double ammo gave.

The mobile port features five new animals, a new weapon, a new Trophy Room, a new Night Mode (without the use of Nightvision), a Camera, and improved graphics.

Scrapped content[]

Main article: Poacher

The poacher is a scrapped ambient. He would have been the first NPC in the Carnivores series capable of shooting at the hunter, and the first ambient that could harm the hunter, but was removed sometime in production for unknown reasons. It is possible to re-add the poacher by editing _RES.TXT, but his unique AI was removed from the game's source, meaning he must use another animal's AI (usually the pig, though occasionally the Diatryma AI is used) and is not able to shoot the hunter.


  • As featured in the Wizard Works Outdoors Complete Software Collection, Carnivores Ice Age featured a slightly altered title design. The blood-styled lettering of "Carnivores", instead of red, is the same light blue color of the "ice age" displayed underneath. The title also featured a "3" designed like the "2" of Carnivores 2, although the "3" is a light blue color.
  • Other than the different animals, locations, equipment, and the new "Supply Drop" feature, this game is basically the same as Carnivores 2, featuring virtually identical graphics and similar AI.
  • All of the animals in Carnivores Ice Age are capable of killing the Hunter.



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