Carnivores Wiki

Credits or points are the system of currency in Carnivores, Carnivores 2, Carnivores Ice Age, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, and Carnivores: Ice Age (iOS), used to gain access to new areas, weapons, and animals. In Carnivores, the number of credits simply determine a player's rank (the player starts with 0 credits; at 100 credits, the player moves from Novice to Advanced rank, and at 300 from Advanced to Expert), and the rank then determines the areas, weapons, and animals available to the player. In the latter three games, though, credits are directly used to purchase the area, animal(s), and weapon(s) used for a given hunt (they are not actually spent, though), with the player starting with 100 credits.


When a pointable animal has been killed or tranquilized, the score is determined by the following code in Game.cpp (for Carnivores 2 and Carnivores Ice Age):

float score = (float)DinoInfo[Characters[cindex].CType].BaseScore;

if (TrophyRoom.Last.success>1)
    score*=(1.f + TrophyRoom.Last.success / 10.f);

if (!(TargetDino & (1<<Characters[cindex].AI)) ) score/=2.f;

if (Tranq    ) score *= 1.25f;
if (RadarMode) score *= 0.70f;
if (ScentMode) score *= 0.80f;
if (CamoMode ) score *= 0.85f;

In plain English:

  1. The animal's basescore from _RES.TXT is loaded as a floating-point value.
  2. If this isn't the first animal to be killed or tranquilized, the number of successful downs is divided by 10, 1 is added to that value, and the score is multiplied by it.
  3. If the animal isn't one of those selected to be hunted, the score is halved.
  4. If tranquilizer is used, the score is increased by 25%.
  5. If the radar is used, the score is decreased by 30%.
  6. If cover scent is used, the score is decreased by 20%.
  7. If camouflage is used, the score is decreased by 15%.
  8. Finally, the whole-number part of the score is added to the player's overall score.