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The Primal Prey call box calling and displaying a Gastonia.

The dinosaur call is a hunting accessory in Carnivores, Carnivores 2, Carnivores Ice Age, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, and Carnivores: Ice Age. The call is a lure that uses an imitation of the native calls of the selected species to attract animals of that species to the area. Ambient creatures will flee when they hear the call of a carnivorous animal.

The dinosaur call can be used as a free, albeit less accurate, alternative to the radar, since any animals of the same species as the call being used will answer if they hear the call, even if they are fleeing from the hunter.


  • Allosaurus calls are deep, throaty, nearly subsonic growls that travel long distances.
  • Velociraptor calls are a chilling howl-like screech.
  • Tyrannosaurus produce a terrifying bone-shaking roar when communicating; using the call horn will cause all other dinosaur species to flee in fear, while drawing in Tyrannosaurus from long distances away. This call has the farthest usable range in attracting prey.
  • Ceratosaurus calls resemble the roar the Tyrannosaurus makes when it gets ready to charge. However, the calls are slightly different. The sound is almost as nightmarish and bone-shaking as the Tyrannosaurus'.
  • Spinosaurus calls are a strange growl that sounds somewhat like a motor being started up.


  • Parasaurolophus emit a a loud hollow call that travels a long distance to reach other animals.
  • Pachycephalosaurus create a quiet low continuous, throaty noise that doen't travel very far.
  • Stegosaurus calls are deep roars that are similar to the common thought of how a dinosaur roar sounds.
  • Triceratops emit a low continuous noise that sounds similar to a car engine.
  • Chasmosaurus calls sound similar to the Allosaurus call, but with a slightly higher pitch.
  • Ankylosaurus calls are a strange raspy sound that vaguely resembles the sound of a child crying.

Carnivores (from Carnivores: Ice Age)

  • Wolf makes howls very similar to Earth's wolves, but also produces dog like barks.
  • Diatryma makes a chilling eagle-like call.
  • Smilodon calls are very similar to a lions or tigers.
  • Bear calls are scary roars, it also shares the same call with the Yeti.

Herbivores (from Carnivores: Ice Age )

  • Brontotherium calls are loud and high pitched.
  • Wild Boar produce a pig-like squeal.
  • Wooly Rhinoceros calls are like a combination with a roar and the sound of a cow.
  • Megaloceros produce a sound similar of a cow or a strange roar-like call.
  • Mammoth produce a call very similar to elephants call.

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