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The dropship

The DinoHunt Corp. dropship (sometimes referred to as the "Trophy Ship") is presumed to be a standard type of dropship used for collecting trophies from FMM UV-32 for the hunter. Whether the ship was used before DinoHunt Corp. purchased the planet is not known. The ship is camouflaged green and brown, even when picking up trophies in the arctic regions of the planet. The dropship appears to use futuristic advanced hovering methods.

Later years[]

In the company's later years, the dinosaur transport ships were transformed into huge ships. One of them, DinoCorp VII, crashed during transportation of dinosaurs to Earth, starting the Cityscape incident.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD[]

In Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD , the dropship returns with a dramatically different design than that of the classic ship. Known also as the "Retriever Bot" (which may suggest it is unmanned), the dropship retains its camouflaged coloring, although it is a duller color. Instead of the classic V-shape, the dropship resembles a quadrotor, and no longer deploys a pickup device. It instead uses a tractor beam of sorts to pull the dinosaurs up to the ship. The dropship must be summoned via Gadget when close enough to the downed dinosaur, and has a 30-second cooldown period after being called in. Once activated, the dropship will scare away any nearby dinosaurs, so proper timing must be used if there are more unstartled dinosaurs in the area.


Whether it is the ship's actual pilots or an automated voice, the dropship broadcasts a radioed message when collecting trophies.

  • "Trophy coordinates received." broadcast immediately after a dinosaur is killed. The distant roar of an accelerating dropship can be briefly heard.
  • "Getting trophy aboard." broadcast when the dropship deploys its trophy pickup device.
  • "Moving to the Trophy area." broadcast when the trophy is on board the ship and it departs for the drop off area.


  • The crane that is lowered is probably a tractor beam, because it is able to carry the dinosaurs with no visible grapple.
  • In Carnivores: Ice Age, the dropship was given a blue re-texture to differentiate itself from the dropship in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.
  • Both dropships in the mobile ports have the word "CARGO" branded on their undersides.