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Dry Nodus Lake
Small mounds and swamp are all that remain of a disappearing lake on this snowy island. Cut by glaciers into treacherous canyons and rivers, an unwary hunter can easily become trapped in the narrow areas.
Difficulty Intermediate
Price 150
Landmarks Ice Flat, Dry Nodus Lake, Bridge, Ice Pits
Carnivores Ice Age areas
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"Dry Nodus Lake" is the fourth area in Carnivores Ice Age.


"Dry Nodus lake" is predominantly a frozen taiga bespeckled by pockets of open taiga and ice plains.

Ice flat[]

In the center of the island is a large ice flat that allows the hunter to view his surroundings for a distance.

Dry Nodus Lake[]

The disappearing lake the island was named for, this muddy marsh is hardly a lake, but makes a good hunting spot, safe from hungry predators.


In the very northernmost portion of the island, a river splits the island apart. Connecting the island is a man-made bridge. Although not as fantastic as "Ravaren's Bridge", this smaller one does have a dirt road to travel on. In the mobile port, the bridge is blocked by an invisible barrier. It is possible to jump over it. However, doing so drops the player through the bridge. The bridge's collision was removed presumably due to animals falling through the bridge in the PC version of the game and animals couldn't get on the bridge allowing the player to shoot at them with ease. In a later version, the bridge is shown to be partially destroyed.

Ice Pits[]

In the center of the island are two huge ice pits with water at the bottom. It's very difficult to get out of the water if a hunter falls in.


The very landscape of "Dry Nodus Lake" is difficult to travel, and several trees have apparently been snapped at the base by a rampaging creature.