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Indricotherium (commonly known as Paraceratheruim in the fossil record) is a animal for Carnivores: Ice Age.[1] Indricotherium is an extinct genus of gigantic hornless rhinoceros-like mammals of the family Hyracodontidae.

Indricotherium reskin



Like all herbivorous mammals of FMM UV-32, Indricotherium walks about on four strong legs. It has a very long neck, capable of reaching foliage short-necked mammals cannot. Indricotherium has a large yet loose top lip, most likely used as a tiny trunk in wrapping around branches before scraping off the leaves with its teeth. Unlike the other mammals dwelling in the polar areas, the Indricotherium is not covered in a thick coat of wool, or even small, bristle-like hairs. Instead, it has a very thick, rhinoceros-like skin, which may help protect it from predators as well as cooler temperatures. Indricotherium is light tan in color. The front legs and shoulders have bony protrusions sticking out of them. The Indricotherium uses it's giant legs for traveling in the snow-covered regions of the Arctic Sector.

Carnivores: Ice Age (mobile)[]

Tatem Games announced on their Facebook page on July 16, 2013 that they were adding Indricotherium[2] to the game in addition to Hyaenodon[3] to the game in 5-7 days. Instead, they were added at a much later date, on November 26, 2013.

The Indricotherium is the seventh pointable animal in the game. Once the hunter earns 200 credits, the animal can be unlocked and hunted. In game, Indricotherium is a huge, quadrupedal herbivore that thunders across its environment. Like most of the herbivores in the polar regions of the planet, Indricotherium occasionally stops to graze on low-lying shrubbery. This enormous beast will also stomp about and shake its head violently, perhaps as a warning to smaller predators or to other Indricotherium who may be intruding its territory. The Indricotherium is dangerous if wounded, and at close range will charge the hunter if shot. If a hunter fails to down a charging Indricotherium, the animal will repeatedly crush the hunter under its mighty front legs, much like the Brontotherium. Like Diatryma, Indricotherium can swim if the water is far down. Indricotherium's calls sound like a mix between a sheep and a cow.


  • Much like with Diatryma, the game uses a junior synonym for Indricotherium instead of the correct taxonomic name.
  • In the Trophy Room, Yeti trophies turn into Indricotherium trophies while the November 26, 2013 update is downloading.
  • For some reason, the Indricotherium charges at you at any distance when wounded, this is due to a programming error, or was made like that.
  • Though the game's Dinopedia says that it is the biggest mammal on the planet, it is even smaller and shorter than the Mammoth, The Yeti, and other big creatures.
  • The Indricotherium uses the suffix therium in its name unlike the Brontoteriy. It is unknown as to why the animal was not named Indricoteriy in the game.
  • In update 1.8.0 Indricotherium was reskinned.