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The Lambeosaurus was a huge hadrosaurid with a very unique head crest that distinguished it from other hadrosaurs.

Primal Prey[]


Lambeosaurus from Primal Prey

In Primal Prey, Lambeosaurus is a herd dwelling herbivore. Its herds are usually the largest in the game, and it can almost always be found with another animal. A Lambeosaurus can weigh anywhere between 15,500 and 16,500 lbs, making it the heaviest dinosaur in the game. 16,300 lbs will earn a star in the trophy room.

Gender differences[]

  • Male- features blotchy, yellow stripes running along the sides and back fin, as well as yellow decorations on the front area of the crest.
  • Female- no distinctive yellow patterns.


  • In-game, the Lambeosaurus' back fin has a very smooth, sharp edge, while in the trophy room, it is very jagged and spikey. Oddly enough, the crest can only be seen from the dinosaurs' right side; if viewed from the left, the fin mysteriously disappears.