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Laser Rifle

Laser Rifle in Carnivores: Ice Age

The laser rifle is a weapon exclusive to the PSP and PS3 versions of Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter and its sequel, Carnivores: Ice Age. It is described as an experimental weapon, much like the X-Rifle of Carnivores Cityscape. Also like the X-Rifle, the laser rifle appears to be futuristically built, and sounds much like a futuristic weapon would. It is extremely accurate, and will fire exactly where the crosshairs are placed, similar to the sniper rifle. Unlike the sniper rifle, however, the laser rifle has much less recoil, a faster rate of fire, and more power. The scope of the laser rifle does not take up the whole screen, allowing for peripheral vision, enforcing the statement that this is a mid-range rifle. With a maximum ammunition capacity of 20 shots, this weapon has the most shots of any weapon in the Carnivores series. Due to all its advantages over the alien inhabitants of FMM UV-32, this is also the most expensive weapon of any Carnivores game, costing 700 credits.

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