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Lemon Shark

Lemon Shark model from Shark! Hunting the Great White

Lemon Sharks (Negaprion brevirostris) are a species of shark that can be hunted in Shark! Hunting The Great White.

From the Sharkopedia: Abundant near the shores of South America and in Caribbean.  Occasionally ventures out into open seas.  Attacks on humans are rare, and in most cases provoked by careless divers.  It is very curious and often scares divers by circling them for several minutes.  Largest known size is about 10 feet.

Possessing a Danger rating of only 1/3, Lemon Sharks are fairly easy to take care of. They can be found in pairs in the Career missions California Beach and the Rhodos Temple. They can also be randomly encountered on Rock Gate and Palau Reef.


  • Despite their ingame depiction, Lemon Sharks have never caused a recorded human fatality.