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  • 105, 433
  • 139, 102
  • 148, 318
  • 335, 366
  • 339, 627
  • 386, 160
  • 437, 673
  • 499, 193
  • 567, 491
  • 575, 315
  • 585, 285
  • 612, 833
  • 666, 650
  • 701, 150
  • 807, 561
  • 837, 863
  • 857, 70
  • 883, 656
  • 885, 340
  • 894, 227

Ringed with snow-capped mountains, this hunting area is rumored to be a nesting ground for some of the larger dinosaurs. Muddy marshes to the southwest, and a long abandoned "Dinosaur Wall" make this one of the most mysterious areas on the tour.
Difficulty Intermediate
Price 150
Landmarks Dinosaur Wall, nesting ground, arches
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"Manya Jungle" is a large, lush rainforest and the fourth area in Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.


"Manya Jungle" is one of the most remote areas to hunt with some exciting hunting landmarks for those who seek to look.


To the southeast is a huge swamp that is very difficult to travel for both hunter and prey alike.

"Dinosaur Wall"[]

Even further south than the marshy swamp lies a "Dinosaur Wall". The other side of the wall is devoid of all animals (including aerial animals), so it seems to have served as a barrier to prevent animals from going beyond the wall.

Nesting grounds[]

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The eggs as they appear in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.

Main Article: Nesting grounds

Located deep through a cave maze in the eastern mountains lies the nesting grounds rumored about in the description. Huge eggs belonging to an unknown species line the nest. Only larger dinosaurs will follow a hunter into here. The eggs in "Manya Jungle" are an Easter egg that resemble the eggs from the movie Alien. Not much is known about the eggs which make them even more mysterious.


To the north is a small peninsula of land, and straight across from that is a large rock arch out in the water. To the northwest of the peninsula is another that lies in the mountains.

Canyon maze[]

In the northwest corner of the island is a large canyon maze filled with fog that can quickly become a trap for unwary hunters.