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McRath Island
Icy cliffs line the northwest side of this small island. Rolling hills covered in sparse vegetation and deep snowdrifts make this a relatively safe and open area for newer hunters.
Difficulty Mild
Price 20
Landmarks Peninsula, Archipelagos, Ice Flows
Carnivores Ice Age areas
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"McRath Island" is the first area in Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores: Ice Age.


Rough terrain makes up most of this island, from snowy hills to huge mountain ranges. There are a few notable landmarks on the island, however.

Ice canyon[]

Packed between two mountain ranges in the northwest part of the island is a deep, dangerous ice cliff with a huge drop. Getting in is easy, getting out is very difficult. Good to escape from attacking beast.


What looks like a separate island from the map is actually a large peninsula connected to the mainland by a tiny bridge. Hunting the peninsula makes for a unique hunting experience, if there is game to be hunted there.


To the north of the island are several small archipelagos, which make a good escape from attacking carnivores.

Ice flows[]

In the center of the island is a small pond with several rounded ice flows that can act as a "safe zone" from attacking beasts. In the iOS version, the ability to stand on the ice flows has been removed for this reason. Trying to stand on them forces the player underwater. The collision on the bottom is apparently still active resulting the player being pinned underwater unless they move out from under an ice flow.