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Mega Tooth Shark

Mega Tooth Shark model from Shark! Hunting the Great White

The Megatooth Shark, or Megalodon, is a believed to be extinct shark which can be hunted in Shark! Hunting The Great White.

The Megatooth Shark is encountered in the final Career Mission, Mystery, where it has devoured two whales and a steel shark cage. Easily the largest shark in the game, and the most dangerous, these sharks are described as a subspecies which was long considered to have gone extinct. It is further told through the mission victory text that the shark is part of a larger colony of Megatooths.


  • The Megatooth is the only huntable shark to lack a Sharkopedia entry, presumably to keep it a surprise for players.
  • It is possible to kill the Megatooth using only the knife, additionally taking a lot of time and boredom.