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Abandoned Islands' main menu, featuring Tyrannosaurus.

Carnivores Abandoned Islands is a total-conversion mod for Carnivores 2. Intended to be an expansion to the Central Sector, this mod introduces the abandoned islands that takes place in a different region in the Central Sector, one that is much abandoned, but deadlier.


Back when DinoHunt Corp. discovered FMM UV-32, they selected certain islands to have hunters hunt on while some islands were discontinued. Now Dinohunt Corp. has decided to recontinue these islands for hunting purposes. These islands have a variety of different species although some familiar ones do exist on the islands. The newer species are far more dangerous than their more common relatives. These are the Abandoned Islands.

List of Developers[]

  • Keegan- Project Leader, Storyline & Concepts, Creature Design, Map Design, Menu Design
  • Poharex- Creature Design
  • AnAlpaca- Creature Design
  • Ornithomimid 1- Creature Design, Animations
  • Trexoid- Models
  • StarFreak- Map Design, Sound effects

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