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Carnivores: A New World is a total-conversion mod for Carnivores Ice Age. This mod takes place at the same continuity as official Carnivores games and introduces the New World Chains- a region of planet FMM UV-32 dominated by radiated landscapes and inhabited by reptiles from Earth's Oriental Regions. The mod is currently under development, with a very early pre-Alpha esque Beta released on August 21, 2017. An Alpha demo with the first seven huntables and first map was released on January 6, 2019.


Based after the events of Carnivores: Triassic and Mandibles, you have become a Premium Client and have been contacted by DinoHunt Corp. for a special offer to hunt in a new location known as "Hadesia" or "The New World". In your hunts you will encounter several bizarre and vividly colored dinosaur within the strange and isolated areas.

Following the Gojirasaurus incident in late 2271 and the subsequent leak of the truth of the incident caused DHC to go into borderline financial ruin which prompted the opening of the Eos Sector, DinoHunt began to use their now recovering profits to invest in exploration to the relatively unexplored west of the planet. During their forays in early 2272, they discovered a chain of islands unlike anything seen on the rest of the planet, a place they dubbed "The New World"; the name being inspired by the almost alien appearance of the animals that reside there. DHC did brief exploration in the area, before opting to offer the rights of exploration to several preliminary hunters, those who assisted them in the purging of the Gojirasaurus. You take the role of one of these select few as you begin a preliminary tour in this New World, armed with your custom-made Citrine Iron Revolver and the allure of being the first to hunt down a rare and elusive dinosaur called only by the title "Bleeding Rose Feathered Dragon".

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