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Main menu of Carnivores 2+, featuring Spinosaurus.

Carnivores 2+ is a partial-conversion mod for Carnivores 2. Intended to be a patch to fix many of the games minor errors, this mod takes place in the same continuity as the official Carnivores games and introduces the many new elements, with its unique flora and fauna.

The game's first release was released on May 10, 2018, although it still receives updates and additional content from time to time.


As the Amargasaurus begin to move into the Central sector to breed the sector has seen a resurgence in hunters as more and more become ambitious to hunt the mighty sauropods. But as they come, new dinosaurs begin to join them, herbivores traveling to escape the harsh dry season and new predators follow in to hunt the convoy of giants. Looks like we'll have our hands busy!

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