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The story preface is of an invasive species, called Eocarcharia, is moving northward into non-native habitats, and are wreaking havoc amongst the environment and native species.
~ Jzz

Carnivores Divergent's main menu, featuring Vitakridrinda.

Carnivores Divergent is a total-conversion mod for Carnivores 2. This mod takes place at the same continuity as official Carnivores games and introduces the Apoklis Peninsula- a region of planet FMM UV-32 inhabited by reptiles and amphibians.

Its first beta release was released on June 29, 2017, and is in current development, receiving updates and additional content from time to time.


List of Developers[]

  • Jzz- Project Leader, Concepts, Story, Graphics, Modelling, Texture Design, PR.
  • Ibuildcircuits- Modelling, Programming.
  • AnAlpaca- Maps
  • Brundle- Modelling.
  • Poharex- Modelling
  • Dawn- Concepts
  • Saurian Target- Beta Testing

External links[]

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