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Carnivores Reloaded's main menu, which is a modified version of the Carnivores main menu featuring Velociraptor.

Carnivores Reloaded is an unfinished partial-conversion mod for Carnivores 2 whose aim was to recreate the hunting experience of the first Carnivores, using its unique assets, with the better Carnivores 2 engine.

It has since been abandoned and replaced by Carnivores+.


The gameplay of Carnivores Reloaded is combines the aspects of Carnivores and Carnivores 2 reintroducing target zones along with limited health, and allowing for the selection of multiple dinosaurs, weapons and items per hunting session.

List of Developers[]

  • Glitchhunter09- project leader, Sounds, and Maps.
  • P.Rex- Menu Graphics Design and Maps.
  • Rexhunter99- created the Magnum and the patches that Reloaded comes with.
  • Ibuildcircuits- Seismosaurus Model. Patch to make Seismosaurus a unique AI.
  • JenDOS_RUS- Dilophosaurus and Carnotaurus models. Also responsible for a number of the new .3DF models introduced in Reloaded.
  • Machf- converted the original Carnivores 1 maps.

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