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Carnivores: Fallen Kings' new menu, featuring Torvosaurus and a dead Baryonyx.

Carnivores: Fallen Kings is a total-conversion mod for Carnivores 2. This mod takes place in the same continuity as the official Carnivores games and introduces the Pristine Kingdom, a region of FMM UV-32 inhabited by both primitive and lesser known dinosaurs of Europe and North America.

Its first beta version was released on May 20, 2017; with a Beta 1.95 release on January 7, 2019 which revamped much of the mod's content, as well as introduced a new unique feature, Rare Dinosaurs. It is still being developed, receiving updates and additional content from time to time.


30 million years ago, before DinoHunt Corp and before the Ancients, a large landmass broke off from the Central Sector; this region has been named the "Pristine Kingdom".

Before the separation, the animals that existed at the time were somewhat primitive in nature compared to the species more formally known to DinoHunt Corp nowadays. Most of these dinosaurs were split up during the separation.

The ones who managed to stay in the Central Sector went on to evolve into the species we know now, while the species within this said landmass stayed the same. These primitive animals eventually fell to their successors, forcing them to stay within their "Kingdom" to survive.

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