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Far North Main Menu

Far North main menu, featuring Hyaenodon on Moraine Domain

Carnivores: Far North is a total-conversion mod for Carnivores 2 that takes place in a different region in the Arctic Sector, one that is much colder and deadlier.

The mod is currently still under development; with its Beta 1 released on December 25th, 2017, and Beta 2.1 released on January 6th, 2019.


The Arctic Sector is very cold. That's no secret. Up here, little more than hair covered, feathered, or blubbery creatures can survive. Plenty of supernatural forces have an effect on the warmer sectors. The Velociraptor Temple in the Central Sector and the Dory Temple in the Triassic are just two examples. However, these sectors were habitable to the Ancients. The Arctic sector saw very little inhabitance from the Ancient civilization. This gave a refuge to supernatural forces wishing to be left alone. The first Arctic tour was located in very frigid environments- no doubt. However, this new tour is located to the far north. The mammals that inhabit the first Arctic sector tour are formidable and tough, no doubt. However, in the Far North, temperatures reach an even lower point. Life has adapted to even these frigid environments. Thick fur pelts, massive amounts of feathers, or just pure body fat keep these creatures going.

The Ancients inevitably discovered the Arctic, however the original Arctic tour featured no trace of the Ancients. This was presumed to be because the Ancients had merely never ventured this far up north, but recent evidence shows this to be false. The ancients had no permanent civilization (at least that we are aware of) but it seems that they led at least a few expeditions to try and find a habitable region. Needless to say, very little of the arctic could house such beings used to a tropical environment, thus the expeditions failed, and the Ancients stopped sending explorers.

There are in fact remnants of these expeditions still out here. Nothing as extraordinary as what you may recall in earlier tours, but it's evidence that colonies may have been attempted. But here's where DinoHunt Probes discovered the unfortunate truth. Multiple outposts or campsites had been trashed. At first it was the assumed work of the "Yeti"- sometimes spotted in the original arctic tour. But it was soon proven not to be the work of these primate-like creatures. DinoHunt Corp had colonies and camps attacked by Yetis. Yetis seem to follow no pattern- they seem to act out of sudden rage or anger- mostly during their mating periods. These attacks seemed to be thoroughly executed- they followed a sort of "raid" mentality, so it seemed.

According to a single DinoHunt scouting expedition, this could be the work of something even more frightening.


List of Developers[]

  • Ophious- Project Leader, Storyline & Concepts, Creature Design, Plant Design, Map Design, Menu Design, and Weapons
  • StarCrafty- Animations
  • Poharex- Creature Design
  • RaptorKlaw- Sounds

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