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Carnivores: Junglescape's main menu, featuring Giganotosaurus.

Carnivores: Junglescape is an upcoming total-conversion mod for Carnivores 2. Intended as the sequel to Carnivores Cityscape, this mod takes place at the same continuity as official Carnivores games and introduces the Exotic Sector, with its unique flora and fauna.


During the Crater City incident, many lost their lives to the vicious dinosaurs that escaped into the city from the crashed ship. One person in particular, Agent Phillips, someone who was very close to you, passed away during that event. Two years later, you embark on a journey to FMM-UV 32, specifically, the Exotic sector. Your purpose is to hunt down these "exotic" animals solely for profit as you are working with a rival company to financially hurt DinoHunt Corp. Will you seek revenge for what happened two years ago in Crater City? Well, you've seen the Cityscape, now it's time to witness the Junglescape.

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