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Jurassic Park Hunter Legends is an upcoming total-conversation mod for Carnivores 2, which is meant to be a part of the Jurassic park continuity, rather than the Carnivores continuity. The mod revolves around Jurassic World opening a hunt tour for anyone willing to hunt these primitive beasts.

There are many dangers on the islands and there's nowhere to hide. Do you have what it takes to hunt these theme park monsters? This won't be a walk in the park...


After the recent attempts at making a second park on Isla Nueve due to the first one failing back in the 90's, Simon Masrani managed to purchase the rights to Jurassic Park, renaming it "Jurassic World" and later opening up in 2005. Along with this recent rise to popularity, not only did Jurassic World become famous, but the agent that helped John Hammond hunt down and collect DNA for the Isla Nueve park, but also later on for Jurassic World, did as well. People had seen this agent as an idol and wanted to walk in his footsteps, so Ingen finally decided to open up a hunting tour for anyone brave enough to down these beasts just as the agent did years before.

List of Developers[]

  • Tormer- Maps, Animations, JPOG/ZT2 Model Conversions, Skins for Pteranodon and Compy
  • Keegan- DLC Models/Skins, Menu Designs
  • Tjoe- JP Movie Universe Skins
  • Blue Tounge- JPOG Models
  • Universal Studios/Interactive- JPOG Models/Sounds
  • CyborgParrot- Menu Designs
  • BloodDra6on- - Menu Designs
  • Okeanos- ZT2 Models
  • Tyranachu- ZT2 Models
  • SatchellwK- ZT2 Models
  • Imago- ZT2 Models
  • Bunyupy- ZT2 Models
  • Andrew12- ZT2 Models
  • Whalebite - ZT2 Models
  • Philly - ZT2 Models
  • HENDRIX- ZT2 Models
  • Terrena Laxamentum- ZT2 Models

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