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Mandibles' main menu, featuring Pulmonoscorpius.

Mandibles is a total-conversion mod for Carnivores 2. Intended as the sequel to Carnivores Triassic, this mod takes place in the same continuity as official Carnivores games and introduces the Eos Sector, with its unique flora and fauna.

The mod is currently under development, with its first Beta released on March 3, 2017.


A few years after the initiation of the famous Triassic Tour, DinoHunt Corp. has entered some rough times. Despite the company's mostly successful attempts to contain the Gojirasaurus outbreak, word of the fiasco has leaked out, causing a rapid decline in revenue from the hunting tours, the dinosaur zoo and other business ventures on the dinosaur planet- though off-world ventures, such as the recently reopened traveling zoo, were still moderately profitable. With DinoHunt's investment in bio-weapon development lost and that entire branch of the company shutting down, the company needed to take drastic measures to bring paying customers and investors back to the dinosaur planet. Thus, they have reluctantly opened a hunting tour in a new region of the planet: the Eos Sector.

Situated south of the Triassic Sector and just north of the Antarctic, the Eos Sector was known and researched thoroughly by DinoHunt since the first days of their Ice Age Tour. Like the Central Sector of the planet's northern hemisphere, the Eos Sector's climate is mostly tropical and temperate; but instead of large mammals, dinosaurs or synapsids, the local fauna consists mainly of prehistoric arthropods- echoing that of Earth's Paleozoic era, particularly the Carboniferous period.

With DinoHunt's clever strategy of marketing it separately from its dinosaur- and mammal-hunting tours, the so-called "Mandibles Tour" soon became popular among the cream of the galactic society. Dinosaurs were yesterday's news, but hunting giant prehistoric bugs was a novel concept- and everyone wanted in. But why was DinoHunt reluctant to open the Eos Sector until now? What deadly secrets hide within the sector's depths? Only time will tell...

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