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Render of Moschops from Action Forms' website
Status Ambient herbivore
Dangerous? No
Weight 0.10–0.29 T (0.11–0.32 t)
Health 2
Carnivores 2
Weight 0.10–0.29 T (0.11–0.32 t)
Health 2
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Moschops (misspelled "Moshops" in Carnivores 2) is a four-legged herbivorous synapsid that is featured as an ambient animal in Carnivores, Carnivores 2, and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.


A very abundant large herbivore, it can often be found grazing across suitable habitats of FMM UV-32 using its short chisel-like teeth well suited for cropping vegetation. A very unique beast, Moschops' hind legs extended straight down like mammals', while its front legs extended outward and than downward like a reptile. Very skittish, this animal will flee at the first sign of danger. Moschops' diet is mostly plants, although it will occasionally eat meat in times of hunger.


In Carnivores and Carnivores 2, Moschops is an extremely common, small ambient animal. One shot from any weapon is sufficient to kill one, and it will run away when the player gets too close. Moschops are of a greenish, yellow color in-game. It is found in abundance due to its non-pointable nature. From a distance, it is possible to confuse it with an Allosaurus due to the black markings on its back. In Carnivores 2, it takes 1 shot, unlike Dimetrodon, to kill it. For some reason, the footsteps sounds it made in Carnivores were changed to use the Dimetrodon's footstep sounds in Carnivores 2. Possibly because the original footstep sound made it sound like a much larger animal.


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