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Mount Ravan

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  • 237, 710
  • 238, 241
  • 283, 847
  • 346, 232
  • 385, 429
  • 479, 233
  • 502, 625
  • 607, 839
  • 762, 514
  • 805, 855
  • 841, 347

This island, broken by waterways and mountains is the most difficult by far. The frozen peaks of Mt. Ravan overlook a thick tropical forest that may quickly become a deadly maze where hidden danger abounds. Be careful of the active lavaflow to the south as well.
Difficulty Advanced
Price 200
Landmarks Volcano, gorge, ravine
Carnivores 2 areas
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"Mount Ravan" is an island covered by both desert and rainforest and is the fifth area in Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.


"Mount Ravan" is the second most difficult island to travel, only being surpassed by "The Giant's Boot" in difficulty, and most of these landmarks don't help.


Main article: Mount Ravan volcano

To the southwest is a smaller island taken up mostly by an active volcano that is a very real threat to hunters. If the hunter were to fall in, he would suffer a death almost as quick as the death blow of a dinosaur. The hunter does not need to be touching the lava to die. Unlike Carnivores, the lava is not liquid. Probably because of a bug involving Brachiosaurus spawning in liquid lava as seen in some fanmade maps using alt editor II.


In the center of the island, on the other side of a dangerous mountain range, is a huge, maze-like gorge where the fog can get so thick it's hard to see 100 feet in front of the hunter.


In the desert to the northwest is a deep ravine cut in two by a waterway. It makes a great place to fend off charging dinosaurs.


In the northwest corner of the island is a huge, open desert populated by various cacti. It is great for hunting Tyrannosaurus because of the lack of trees obstructing the hunter's view.

Broken waterway[]

In the south center of the island is a large body of water broken up by several strips of land.

Mountain range[]

To the northeast runs a huge mountain range that divides the top half of the island and overlooks the foggy gorge.

Mount Raven[]

Mount Raven gets its name from the mountain in the Northern part of the island that is somewhat shaped like a bird and covered in snow.