Carnivores Wiki

Multiplayer is a mode exclusive to Carnivores Cityscape.

There are several modes (Cooperative, Deathmatch, and Team Co-op). All of them can either be played as a dinosaur or an agent, and over the internet or over a LAN network.


Cooperative game mode is the same as playing a single player dinosaur or agent campaign, except up to 16 players may play the campaign together. All players must either be Dinosaurs if playing the Dinosaur campaign and all must be agents if playing the Agent campaign.

Team Co-op[]

Team co-op is similar to Cooperative, with up to 16 players playing the campaign. The difference is that if playing the Agent campaign, half of the players become agents and the other half take the place of the AI dinosaurs, essentially a team deathmatch where the agents have the same objectives as they normally would in the campaign. It works in reverse if the Dinosaur campaign is being played.


Deathmatch mode is different than normal gameplay. There are 10 exclusive maps to play on (many of which are simply edited portions of campaign missions) and players may choose to be a dinosaur or an agent. This mode is "every man for himself". The first player to get 15 frags (kills) is the winner. Some levels allow you to play as any of the dinosaurs in the game, but several do not let you play as the Giganotosaurus.