Carnivores 2
Length Up to 3.64 meters
Weight 1.2 tons
Cost 20 points
Oviraptor 1

Oviraptor in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.

The Oviraptor is an odd theropod dinosaur. Oviraptor was originally thought to be an egg eater, because some of its first remains were found on top of a nest of presumed Protoceratops eggs. It was later discovered that the eggs were the Oviraptor's, and it was just guarding its nest.


Oviraptor is unique in the fact that it is represented by two species of animal on FMM UV-32: O. philoceratops and R. mongoliensis.

It is believed that Oviraptor is a very dangerous omnivore, possessing a very powerful beak capable of crushing egg shells, shellfish, and the skulls of smaller animals. Much like modern birds, both sexes are known to be good parents, nurturing and protecting their eggs.


Comparison of the appearance of Oviraptor and Rinchenia.

Differences betweens species

  • R. mongoliensis is far more birdlike, with brightly coloured vaned feathers and a chicken-like wattle, whereas O. philoceratops is covered only by thin fluffy down and lacks the wattle.
  • O. philoceratops is slightly larger and retains a vestigial fourth finger.
  • R. mongoliensis is more social, dwelling in small packs while O. philoceratops is chiefly solitary, except when they pair to raise young during the mating season.
  • The general colouring is different, with R. mongoliensis being covered in brown, yellow, and creamy plumage, except for their blue heads with a red wattle. O. philoceratops is covered in orange down dotted with brown leopard-like spots, except for a bald blue head.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Part of the June 20, 2012 update for Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, the Oviraptor is very dangerous. Tatem Games has stated that this Oviraptor is a slight nod to the Cityscape one and hopes that this one is more successful than its Cityscape counterpart. According to the Dinopedia, the Oviraptor has a very powerful beak capable of crushing eggshells, shellfish, and the skulls of smaller animals. Both sexes are known to be good parents, nurturing and protecting their eggs.

Carnivores Cityscape


Oviraptor (Rinchenia) in Carnivores Cityscape.


Oviraptor (Rinchenia)'s stats

Oviraptor mongoliensis are found roaming DinoCorp VII for food, and are attracted to the ship's reactor for warmth. After dispatching the ones on the ship, Oviraptor are most commonly found in underground subway stations.

While O. mongoliensis has since been reclassified as a separate species, Rinchenia mongoliensis, at the time of Cityscape's release, "Rinchenia" was a nomen nudum and so calling it "Oviraptor" in the game was technically correct.



  • Oviraptor is the only known genus on FMM UV-32 represented by two different species.
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