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Status Pointable herbivore
Dangerous? No
Menu image of Pachycephalosaurus
Menu image of Pachycephalosaurus's target zone
This is a good dinosaur for the beginning hunter. The name means "thick headed lizard", and it comes from its 10 inch (25cm) thick skull rimmed with knobby spikes used defensively against other dinosaurs as a battering ram. This amazing plant eater has an average sense of sight, a low sense of smell, and an average sense of hearing. The target-zones on this specimen are the neck, and back areas.
Length 3.60–6.30 m (12.00–21.00 ft)
Weight 0.51–1.57 T (0.56–1.73 t)
Health 4
Rank Novice
Points 8
Spawns when not hunted? yes
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Pachycephalosaurus (misspelled as Pachycephallosaurus in Carnivores) is an animal featured in Carnivores, and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.


The following information is based on a mixture of official information including Dinopedia entries, game manuals, developer commentary, and in-game behavior.

This animal's name means "thick headed lizard", due to its 10 inch (25 cm) skull adorned with knobby spikes used as a defense against other dinosaurs serving as a battering ram. Unlike the Pachycephalosaurus of Earth, this animal has a backbone held diagonally, compared to the former's horizontal backbone. Pachycephalosaurus is a bipedal herbivore similar in appearance to Triceratops and Chasmosaurus. It has an has an average sense of sight, an impaired sense of smell, and an average sense of hearing.

When vocalizing, Pachycephalosaurus create a quiet, low, continuous, throaty noise that doesn't travel very far.


In Carnivores and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, Pachycephalosaurus is a small, harmless herbivore. Despite the fact that the in-game description states that it uses its domed skull as a defensive battering ram, the animal only runs away when confronted by the hunter.

Target zone[]

The target zones on this animal are the lower jaw, eyes, neck and back. In Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, it has a health of 4, and strangely retains its target zones, making it a very easy dinosaur to kill.


  • This is the first animal to be added to Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter that wasn't in the first release.


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