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The view through the Photo Camera.

The Photo Camera is an accessory used to take pictures of animals during a hunt in Carnivores: Ice Age. It was also added, along with four new dinosaurs, to the June 20, 2012 update for Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. It was in the android port release of Dinosaur Hunter two weeks prior to the June 20 update on the iOS.

In-Depth Description[]

The Photo Camera can be selected if you hold the Gun Button (as if it were a gun). Once the camera is selected, you will see your surroundings with a thick black border which probably was meant to represent the camera itself. There are 2 "new" buttons, a Zoom button and a Take Photo button. The camera can zoom up to 4x the normal zoom. The Hunter can take photos by using the Take Photo button. To walk, simply drag your finger where you want to go. Photos can be viewed in the Trophy Room.


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