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The poacher as viewed in Rexhunter99's C3Dit
Status Ambient Omnivore
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Poachers are humans that hunt animals illegally, often for profit, though people are also often driven to poaching by starvation.

Carnivores Ice Age[]

Poacher was planned to be a bonus enemy. When you get a lot of score or get trophy room filled with trophies (for example) he could randomly appear on the map and hunt you. But for some reason it didn't come into the game.

Dmitry Nechay (zazzique)[1]

The poacher is a scrapped ambient originally planned for Carnivores Ice Age. He would have been the first NPC in the Carnivores series capable of shooting at the hunter, and the first ambient that could harm the hunter, but was removed sometime in production for unknown reasons. It is possible to re-add the poacher by editing _RES.TXT, but his unique AI was removed from the game's source, meaning he must use another animal's AI (usually the pig, though occasionally the Diatryma AI is used) and is not able to shoot the hunter.


  • Although the poacher carries a DB Shotgun, the gunfire sound effect is the sniper rifle sound effect.
  • Strangely, all the files for the Poacher are still present in the iOS version's data but have yet to be used. Tatem's former PR, Nadia Sydorenko said a developer may have done this by accident.