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Ravaren's Bridge
This series of islands covered with lakes and frigid swamps is connected by an elevated bridge system. Pine trees cover this otherwise barren area, making good cover for hunter and prey alike.
Difficulty Mild
Price 50
Landmarks Ravaren's Bridge, Marshes, Ice Flows
Carnivores Ice Age areas
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"Ravaren's Bridge" is the second area in Carnivores Ice Age and its iOS port Carnivores: Ice Age, and the sixth area in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.


"Ravaren's Bridge" is a very unique hunting environment, and is the only Carnivores Ice Age map that does not have snow falling (though the version included in Carnivores: Ice Age does have snowfall). It is also the only island in the game that experiences seasonal changes: During the cold climate of winter, there is snow falling and mammals populate the land. But the rest of the year, it is warmer and dinosaurs and synapsids can roam freely in it.

Ravaren's Bridge[]

Apparently named after someone named Ravaren, this large bridge is accessible to the hunter but not to animals, making it a safe zone. It is the connection for the splitting of the mainland. In Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter and Carnivores: Ice Age, the bridge's ladder is gone, making the bridge inaccessible. This was done because the hunter could use it to kill animals without worrying about being killed in the original games.


Several frigid swamps cover "Ravaren's Bridge".