Ring of Infernus
Ring of Infernus icon
Naturally secluded by a ring of extinct volcanoes, this area is a unique blend of desolate tundras and beaches that contrast sharply with the snow covered peaks.
Difficulty Intermediate
Price 100
Landmarks Mountains, Ice Flows
Carnivores Ice Age areas

"Ring of Infernus" is the third area in Carnivores Ice Age.


Ring of Infernus is another very unique polar hunting area that consists of mostly just rough terrain.

Mountain range

A huge mountain range divides Ring of Infernus in two, the east side a desolate, rocky landscape covered in sparse vegetation. On the west side is a frigid, snow-covered tundra.

Ice formations

In the center of the island, to the west of the mountain range, is a decent sized lake with several large ice formations portruding from the frigid water.


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