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The texture file for EXPLO.CAR.

Rocket Launcher

A fan-made image depicting what the weapon may have looked like, had it been implemented.

The rocket launcher is a weapon that launches a rocket-propelled projectile. Originally, it was to be a hidden bonus weapon in Carnivores 2, as stated in a Carnivores 2 press release,[1] but for unknown reasons the weapon never made it into the released game. The rocket launcher may have been planned as far back as Carnivores; a file named "EXPLO.CAR" is located in the Carnivores HUNTDAT directory. The .CAR file is displayed on bullet impact, and was replaced with a particle system in Carnivores 2. However, the file includes a texture similar to the shotgun which seems to feature RPG-style iron sights. Unfortunately, this cannot be confirmed as the actual rocket launcher because the model was completely removed from the .CAR file at some point in Carnivores' development.