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The scientists aboard DinoCorp VII.

A scientist is one who (generally) uses the scientific method to gain knowledge. In Carnivores Cityscape, there are four scientists that must be rescued in various levels. Rescuing the scientists will end their respective levels.

Carnivores Cityscape[]

The first pair of scientists that must be rescued are located on DinoCorp VII, hiding in secluded areas of the ship. The male scientist is hiding in the Cryostasis Chambers, while the female is hiding in the ship's control room. Taking these scientists outside of the ship will end the mission.

The next pair of scientists (called engineers in the game) are located in the sewers. The agent must race the rising floodwaters to an elevator in the back of the sewers. Once there, the agent gets the scientists on to the elevator, and activates it, sending them up to the surface. Once they arrive, they can be heard being devoured by a Giganotosaurus.

The scientists are incredibly weak, one shot from any weapon or one hit from any dinosaur will kill them and the mission will fail.


  • The scientists trapped in the sewers use the same character models as the ones trapped on DinoCorp VII.