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Shark! Hunting the Great White is a hunting game published by WizardWorks Software. Released in 2001, it took the ever-growing hunting genre and expanded the genre from things like Carnivores to new extremes, giving players the chance to hunt sharks of all sizes in the deepest parts of the ocean, or the shallowest. Shark! Hunting the Great White was developed by Sunstorm Interactive, the developers of Primal Prey. Despite its name featuring just the great white, several other species were featured to hunt. There are areas ranging from the dark and murky to the clear and less murky.

The player can choose which diving suit/flippers to wear, which oxygen tank to use and what speargun/bangstick to use when they are about to start hunting the sharks. There is a Career Mode in the game where the player has to kill sharks in order to pass to the next mission and unlock new equipment. There are also secrets (1 secret) in almost all of the missions in the Career Mode and if the player finds them, additional equipment will be unlocked.

There is also a Random Mission where the player is free to choose the area they want to hunt, the number of sharks range randomly from 1 to 3. Reef and small to medium sharks will always spawn in shallow and reef areas and medium and large sharks will always spawn in deep and dark areas.






Name Description
CO2 BangstickSpear1 Short range weapon which injects pressurized carbon dioxide under under the shark's skin through its sharp needle tip. It is fairly effective, however risk is high as you have to get very close to your target.
Band SpeargunSpear2 Spear-throwing weapon, the shaft is propelled by stretched rubber band. Speed at which the projectile is released not affected by depth. Poisoned arrow.
Piston SpeargunSpear3 Piston based spear throwing weapon, the speed of the projectile is affected by depth. Its poisoned arrow is strong enough for most medium sized sharks.
Shotgun BangstickSpear4 Point-blank range weapon based on standard shotgun cartridges. Very effective if you hit the animal in the critical zones, but having to get very close to the shark puts your life at great risk.
Improved Band SpeargunSpear5 Rubber band based spear-throwing weapon with more power and longer range. The poisoned arrows make it very effective.
Pneumatic SpeargunSpear6 Pneumatic spear-throwing weapon. Projectile power is affected by water pressure rising with depth. The arrows with very strong poison make it suitable even against large sharks.
Improved BangstickSpear7 Point-blank weapon based on magnum shotgun cartridges, further improvement is shorter reload times. Extremely effective if you hit the in the critical spots, but having to get very close to the shark puts your life at great risk.
Hightech Band SpeargunSpear8 The Ultimate weapon - throwing spears with heavily explosive tips. The projectiles weigh more and thus the effective range is shorter than for other spear guns. Very deadly weapon.
Heavy Pneumatic SpeargunSpear9 Pneumatic spear-throwing weapon with extra power for longer effective range, even though the arrow release speed is slowed down by pressure at bigger depths. Deadly explosive tip arrow effective against even the largest sharks.


Name Description
Standard Oxygen TankTank1 Standard issue oxygen tank with 8 minutes of breathing time worth of oxygen.
Improved TankTank2 Extra amount of oxygen for 10 minutes underwater, but this heavier tank slows down movement a little.
Hightech TankTank3 Advanced materials allow for a total of 12 minutes spent underwater while bearing less weight - lets you swim faster.


Name Description
Standard WetsuitSuit1 Suitable for diving in relatively shallow and warmer waters.
Improved WetsuitSuit2 More body cover means better thermal protection and reduced oxygen consumption, but slightly slower swimming.
DrysuitSuit3 Full body cover, suitable for diving in deeper and colder areas.


Name Description
Standard FinsFins1 Normal quality durable diver fins.
Improved FinsFins2 Better shape of these fins allows for faster swimming, but you burn oxygen faster too!
Hightech FinsFins3 Manufactured with special technology, these fins are the ultimate choice - you can swim faster with less effort.

Career Mode[]

Name Mission Task
California BeachCalifornia Beach Joy and fun have ended on a beautiful California beach where two yellow sharks slipped past anti-shark nets. The beach is deserted now and the only hope for the beach owner to attract back the scared public is to get rid of the sharks. You have been called for as a professional shark hunter to help.
Ajanta TempleAjanta Temple Members of an underwater archaeological expedition near a recently discovered ancient temple in the Indian Ocean were attacked several times by ferocious sharks. It is your task to protect the expedition site from the predators and give the scientists a chance to continue their work.
Cuba CavesCuba Caves There is a treasure hunting expedition planned into an underwater cave system in the Caribbean. The site is rumored to be a place frequented by pirates in the past. First though, the site must be cleared of sharks and that's your job.
Caribbean WreckCaribbean Wreck A team of divers was exploring the hull of an old ship wreck when two hammerhead sharks attacked them. One of the divers is reported missing, and you are the only one brave enough to venture into the water to discover what happened.
Rhodos TempleRhodos Temple Shooting of a documentary movie about ancient reics discovered in the Mediterranean is in trouble. A shark dwelling in the ruins is a danger to the film-makers. Are you bold enough to venture into the underwater labyrinth to face it?
Austrailia ReefAustrailia Reef You've made a very foolish diving mistake by venturing too far from your boat. Sharks have moved in and created a dangerous situation. It is you, not the sharks, who is hunted now! Can you make it safely back to your ship?
Florida PlatformFlorida Platform Emergency call from an underwater research lab near the shores of Florida. A sophisticated submarine robot was lost in the depths full of deadly sharks. With your experience, you are the only one trustworthy enough to be given a chance to recover it.
MysterySHTGW Mystery Reports of huge shark sightings have attracted several would-be shark hunters to this site. Unfortunately, all of them are reported missing, even though they used protective steel cages. What monster must be living down there? You are the only hope for an answer...

Random Missions[]

Name Mission Task
Tahiti IslandTahiti Island Tahiti, the dream place to be. Well, maybe not, if a shark decides that it is a place it wants to visit at the same time. This is not something that the tourists would ever want to hear about, but for a courageous shark hunter wanting to test his skills, it sounds like a rather lucky combination...
Hawaii WreckHawaii Wreck Ruins of an ancient shipwreck are bringing in hundreds of curious divers to this location each year. Unfortunately, this summer the remnants of the sunken ship are also often visited by sharks, so only the bravest dare into these waters. Are you brave enough?
Rock GateRock Gate Wild beauty of the shore makes this place a very attractive destination for adventurous shark hunters. The area is rumored to be inhabited by some of the most dangerous sharks in the world. Are you up to the challenge?
Africa ReefAfrica Reef Breathtaking underwater scenery full of fish, a tempting mixture luring in both divers and sharks. But defenseless divers and sharks don't blend well together. For a shark hunter, though, there is hardly more to wish for!
Caribbean ReefCaribbean Reef The Caribbean is second to none in beauty both above and under the sea surface. There are only a few very special individuals for which this beauty alone is not enough, unless we add a shark, or two, or three. Are you one of them?
Monterey ReefMonterey Reef The labyrinth of deep channels makes this area a very tricky environment even for an experienced shark hunter. Only seasoned shark hunters have a chance for survival. Are you one of them?
Palau ReefPalau Reef This underwater maze in the bay surrounded by tropical forest is a favorite place of plentiful sharks to hunt in the dusk hours.
Crack CanyonCrack Canyon The deep crack in the bottom of the sea is a magnet for sharks. It is also attracting shark hunters striving for fame and fortune from all around the globe, as the risks of diving here are outweighed by excitement and challenge that the sharks represent.