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Shortfin Mako

Shortin Mako Shark model from Shark! Hunting the Great White

Short-Finned Mako Sharks, or Shortfin Makos (Isurus oxyrinchus) are a species of shark that can be hunted in Shark! Hunting The Great White.  

From the Sharkopedia: Abundant in coastal waters of oceans and tropical seas, usually avoids colder waters. One of the fastest and most agile sharks, renowned for its ability to jump high aboce the water. Feeds on small fish and even small sharks, but only seldom mammals, so attacks on divers are rare. Max recorded size is around 12 feet.

Shortfin Makos have a Danger rating of 2/3. They are one of two sharks that do no appear in a Career mode mission, but does appear randomly on Caribbean Reef, Monterey Reef, and Crack Canyon.


  • Despite its ingame depiction, Shortfin Makos are only responsible for a single recorded fatal attack on humans.
  • Though the Sharkopedia describes attacks on divers as being "rare", this is certainly not the case ingame.