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The menu image for the supply ship

The supply ship is an accessory in Carnivores Ice Age, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, and Carnivores: Ice Age. When called, it will fly over and drop a bag, which, when collected, reloads all of the hunter's weapons.



The actual supply ship

Double Ammo still wasn't ensuring the survival of hunters. After several more incidents because of lack of ammunition, DinoHunt Corp. signed for the manufacturing of supply ships that could be called in during a hunt to restore all of the hunter's ammo. The supply ship was enlisted prior to their third project, and is a smaller, repainted version of the dropship.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter[]

As of the September 11, 2015 update, the ability to resupply is no longer available from the drop-down menu, nor is it able to be summoned at will. Instead, the option to resupply is given when the player's weapon is halfway empty. This option will be brought up each time the player raises a weapon.

After selecting the resupply feature, text on the bottom of the screen reads, "Spaceship with resupply package on the way!" Once the supply package arrives, the text reads, "Please pick up resupply package!"


  • Bag

    The actual bag

    The supply ship, through modding, was integrated into Carnivores 2.
  • Using the supply ship completely replenishes the hunter's ammo supply, but does not grant extra ammo, meaning unfired ammo is lost. Because of this, it is best to wait to use the supply ship until the hunter is completely out of ammo.
  • This is best used in conjunction with Double Ammo.
  • The supply ship bag features the text RK-90, though what this might stand for is unknown.
  • In Carnivores Ice Age , the supply ship can be summoned while in the Trophy Room . However, no weapons are received when the bag is picked up.