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The Giant's Boot
This area is named for the boot print shaped lake in the eastern part of the island. Thick forests and numerous rolling hills make perfect hiding spots for dangerous prey. It is the most dangerous island available to hunt.
Difficulty Advanced
Price 200
Landmarks The Giant's Boot, Natural Dam
Carnivores Ice Age areas
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"The Giant's Boot" is the fifth area in Carnivores Ice Age.


"The Giant's Boot" is, according to it's official description, the most dangerous island DinoHunt Corp. has to offer.

Boot-print lake[]

In the eastern part of the island there is a huge boot-print shaped lake. The namesake of this landform is not immediately obvious, but an aerial view of the island makes its resemblance indisputable.

Natural dam[]

In the center of the island is a large river that divides part of the island. On the southern part of the river is a large, natural dam with a very large dropoff.