The Woods of Turan Choks icon
Area 1: The Woods of Turan Choks
Experience: Novice
A mild climate and good range of sight make this

a great beginner's map. This was the first island
explored on the new planet. Turan Choks, named,
for the captain of the science vessel to discover
the planet, is a hilly wooded area populated by a
variety of dinosaurs.

The Woods of Turan Choks map

The Woods of Turan Choks is the first area in Carnivores and is exclusive to that game. The island consists of a square-shaped, largely featureless shape completely surrounded by ocean and with a single river-like inlet on the island's east side. The island is named after the captain of FMM UV, the ship that discovered the planet FMM UV-32 in 2190 AD.


Turan Choks is mostly featureless, but it does have a single inlet and multiple mud pools.

The Inlet

The Mud Pools

The South Shore

The island's south shore appears to be a second body of water that was sealed with land. However there is now almost nothing left as proof of it's prior existence apart from two extensions of land that look like they surrounded a bay.

Drop-Off Locations

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