Status Pointable carnivore
Dangerous? Yes
Carnivores Velociraptor
Carnivores Velociraptor target zone
This is a dinosaur for advanced hunters. This ferocious fanged dinosaur is an agile hunter. Using its retractable sickle shaped claw on its second toe as its primary weapon, used to slash open the bellies of its prey, this meat eater is a challenge to all hunters. This dinosaur has an average sense of sight, an excellent sense of smell, and an average sense of hearing. The target-zones on this specimen are the head, neck, and back areas.
Length 3.20–4.80 m (10.67–16.00 ft)
Weight 0.19–0.43 T (0.21–0.48 t)
Health 3
Rank Advanced
Points 16
Spawns when not hunted? yes
Carnivores 2
Carnivores 2 DINO6.TGA
Carnivores 2 CALL6.TGA
Length Up to 5 meters
Weight Up to 1.5 tons
Health 6
Points 12
Cost 100
Spawns when not hunted? yes

The Velociraptor is a small, agile hunter present in Carnivores, Carnivores 2, and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. This animal is easily mistaken for Gallimimus, which can result in a surprising death. This animal appears to be based on the Velociraptor from The Lost World: Jurassic Park console game, based on similarities in skin coloration and size.


This is a very ferocious and agile carnivorous dinosaur. Using the retractable sickle-shaped claw on its second toe as its primary hunting tool, it jumps at its target using its claw to inflict potentially lethal stab wounds in it's prey. It can be very difficult to down because of its small size and agility, making this animal a challenge to all hunters. It has an average sense of sight and hearing, and an outstanding sense of smell. Calls of this reptile are a chilling howl-like screech. Unlike the Velociraptor of Earth, which was covered in feathers like a bird, the Velociraptor of FMM UV-32 is covered with tough, leathery scales. The FMM UV-32 Velociraptor is also much larger than it's Earth counterpart, the largest Earth Velociraptor being around 6 feet long and the largest FMM UV-32 Velociraptor being 15 feet long.

Target Zone

In Carnivores, the Velociraptor could be killed with one shot to its head, neck, or spine. These areas, like other animals', could be highlighted on the menu for the player to see.


Like the Allosaurus, the Velociraptor wont run away from the hunter. If it detects the hunter from a distance, it wont retreat into any nearby area, including a lake or into the ocean for safety. At close range, the Velociraptor will turn and attack the hunter, jumping on them to deliver the killing blow. Also, when the hunter is shooting on a cliff, and when the Velociraptor is down below on a beach or swamp, the Velociraptor can jump onto the cliff, killing the hunter.

Velociraptors wander alone around the map area, like other small carnivores, without pausing. This, in addition to their size, can make them a hard target to focus on, even at a decent range.


  • Velociraptor is the only original Carnivores animal to appear in Carnivores Cityscape, albeit only on the game's box and disc art.
  • Velociraptor has shrunk throughout the Carnivores series. In Carnivores, it was approximately the same size as Allosaurus, while in Carnivores 2, it was slightly smaller.
  • A pair of raptors are on the boxart for Carnivores 2.
  • Can easily be confused with a Gallimimus.
  • Its roar is a generic monster screech.


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