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Vengar Fjords

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  • 241, 319
  • 385, 810
  • 590, 637
  • 605, 142
  • 674, 928

Lush pockets of vegetation, and thousands of inlets cover this area. This beautiful but treacherous piece of land includes an ancient volcano. Be careful when wandering the virtual maze of water and mountains created by glaciers millions of years ago.
Difficulty Intermediate
Price 100
Landmarks Underground pool, dormant volcano, arches, coral formations, lake tunnel
Carnivores 2 areas
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"Vengar Fjords" is a lush forest and the third area in Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.


Several unique landmarks can be found on the beautiful island of "Vengar Fjords".

Underground pool[]

To the northeast is a large darkened cavern that leads down to an underground pool. It is a good place to escape from larger dinosaurs.

Dormant volcano[]

In the center of the island is a large, water-logged volcano. It is an excellent sniper position. It is also a great safe area as most carnivores can't get to the Hunter when on top of the volcano.

Canyon mazes[]

There are two major canyon mazes on "Vengar Fjords". One lies to the east, and the other, much deeper and more treacherous than the first, is directly to the west of the volcano. They were most likely formed when glaciers moved across the landscape. Both experience a low hanging fog and different species of Acacia and various cacti flourish and dominate the vegetation. Both can be clearly seen from the map.

Broken waterway[]

In the southwest is a huge waterway broken up by several strips of land.

Six shallow pools[]

In the southwest corner of the island are six very shallow pools of water.


There are at least two natural arches on "Vengar Fjords". One lies in the the coastal mountains in the southeast. Crossing through that one going south will take the hunter to a beach where another arch is on the beach. They most likely formed when glaciers carved out the rest of the landscape.

Coral formations[]

The water in the southern beaches are home to unique coral formations.

Lake tunnel[]

Across the river that splits the island, at the northern shore of the largest lake on that section, is the mouth of a cave overlooking the entire lake. The entrance to the tunnel is on the eastern shore of the smaller pond north of the larger lake. The mouth of the cave makes a great sniping location.

Rock pillars[]

On the direct northern side of the mountain range enclosing the beach in the southeast corner of the island are three rock pillars standing out in the open. Each pillar has a smaller boulder at its base, and from certain angles the pillars resemble the legs and feet of a Brachiosaurus.